Armed Burglar Entered House Just to Face Man With Pistol — Now He Has a Bullet in His Butt

A New Mexico homeowner’s boyfriend whipped out his gun and shot a knife-wielding burglar who left the scene with literal butthurt.

Carlos Vasquez, the boyfriend, said he shot 57-year-old burglar Michael Dunn when he pulled a knife and tried to attack him last Thursday. Police later discovered the stolen items in Dunn’s vehicle and charged him with burglary and aggravated assault, according to KOB4.

Dunn was trying to escape after the homeowner’s boyfriend reportedly trapped him between the front door and a locked security door.

Dunn, according to the Albuquerque Journal, was homeless and went to jail after his release from the hospital.

He said it appears the homeowner was protecting himself and he will not be charged. He didn’t identify him.

— Albuquerque Journal (@ABQJournal) April 4, 2018

Police said that Vasquez only intended to scare Dunn, not to shoot him.

“(Dunn) happened to jump in front of him when the shot was fired," an officer wrote. ”[Vasquez] did not have any intention of actually shooting (Dunn)."

As the Journal noted, Albuquerque previously saw other similar incidents:

In November, police say Warren Wild shot 21-year-old Rodolfo Serrano-Urais in both legs when Serrano-Urais tried to flee after burglarizing his property with another man.

Others weren’t so lucky.

Two days before Christmas, 24-year-old Edward Ortega-Landros was shot to death, in what police called a justifiable homicide, by another man after breaking into an ex-girlfriend’s apartment.

“The guy pulled a knife on him and took a swipe at his face that homeowner decided to defend himself,” the Albuquerque Police Department said.

“We don’t advocate shooting anybody, of course,” Simon Drobik, the department’s public information officer, said. “But in this circumstance, he was defending himself.”

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