Downtown Albuquerque standoff ends with five people taken into custody

It was a long SWAT standoff as two men ended up at a small duplex and hid somewhere inside.

Monday around 4:00 p.m. officers with New Mexico State Police and the Albuquerque Police Department were working a tact plan and spotted a stolen car.

"The attempted to stop that vehicle, and that vehicle immediately rammed the State Police officer and crashed into his car," APD Officer Simon Drobik said.

As they fled from officers, APD says they fired shots at police, then led them to an apartment complex in downtown Albuquerque near 11th and Coal.

Two men were immediately taken into custody, but the other two took off on foot.

Police locked down the ara, not letting anyone through for hours.

People whose families live across the street from the scene were calling to let them know they were safe.

Neighbors who live close by say it was a scary scene.

Before officers could safely get the other two men into custody, both department’s SWAT teams were called out to negotiate.

"We come across these guys all the time. They don’t care, they’re firing at officers, they’re in a stolen car and we’ve talked about this before," Drobik said.

Police say a woman was also arrested at the scene. Police say she was in the car with the man who rammed the officer before fleeing to the apartment complex.

Five people were taken into custody, however, police say it appears not all of them will be charged in this case.

APD has not said where they tried to stop the stolen car in the first place. Officers did not return fire when they were shot at.

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